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There's a story in all of us

Shared experiences build strong communities.
Strong communities change the world.

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This is your story, her story, our story

Remember the days when you kept everything inside and felt alone and isolated…those days are over. It’s time to flip the script.

Sharing experiences is cool. It’s what bonds us. It’s what allows us to understand each other better, be there for one another, and to challenge systems that don’t work for us.

Every mom has a story – let’s use them to create a better world for ourselves and those we love.

A movement for moms

A Timeout with Mom is a community for moms and our mental health and wellbeing. 

Our mission is to be a resource in connecting the dots. We are a place where moms can share experiences, learn from professionals, and have access to the very people we need to help us, or our loved ones, move forward.

Isn’t that what community is all about? Meeting, sharing, belonging, and growing. This is a place where we meet each other where we are and we move forward together.

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Coming Out: Sloth Speed

Favorite The coming out process for me began my first semester of college in 1995. It was a slow, deliberate, painful, scary, liberating, hopeful, sad, and exciting experience all at

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Shared experiences build strong communities

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What is the Motherhood Penalty?

Favorite Wait there’s actually a name for it??? That’s right, and there’s also a lot of research backing up the experiences of mothers facing bias in the workplace. Mothers encounter

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