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A New Narrative

Changing the conversation about mental health and wellbeing for moms.

We’re breaking down the current structure of mental health and well-being by creating conversations around shared stories and education, all in one place without the jargon.

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Mental health and wellbeing isn’t something that just “happens” when you’re at the end of your rope.

It’s part of our daily lives. Let’s talk about it and solve it in that very way.


Shared stories and experiences from other moms breaks down stigmas and makes us feel less alone in a time when people feel more alone than ever. Your story could be the thing that moves mountains for another mom.


Group support and events create community. Our programs are both in-person and virtual to meet busy moms where they are. There’s no time for square pegs and round holes when it comes to our mental health. (Coming Soon!)


Without the jargon, mental health professionals and experts share content and insights on the specific needs and challenges unique to moms and our loved ones. Relatable content helps us all grow a little each day.


Book appointments with the very professionals you need for yourself and your family. And then, refer them to another mom. There’s no better recommendation than that of a fellow mom.

A message from our founder

A Timeout with Mom was born from my love for shared experiences and a passion for better conversations around mental health.

I’ve been there – for myself and my loved ones. It can be lonely and overwhelming to know where to start. I always believed there had to be a better way.

It’s time to move away from the transactional aspects of healthcare and instead lean into the shared experiences and education around mental health and how it impacts our everyday lives. We can take a more preventative approach to mental wellness by being informed and building a solid supportive community.

Thank you for being on this journey with me – we will change the narrative together.