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A New Narrative

Changing the conversation about mental health and well-being for moms.

We’re breaking down the current structure of mental health and well-being by creating conversations around shared stories, shared experiences, education, and access to professionals, all in one place.


Mental health and well-being isn’t something that just “happens” when you’re at the end of your rope.

It’s part of our daily lives. Let’s talk about it and solve for it in that very way.


Shared stories break down stigmas and make us feel less alone in a time when people feel more alone than ever


Forums and chat create friendships built around shared experiences that make for the strongest communities


Professionals sharing content on the specific needs and challenges unique to moms helps us all grow a little each day (Coming soon!)


Find and book appointments with the professionals that moms need in their lives most like therapists, nutritionists, specialists, life coaches, doctors, and more.

A message from our founder

A Timeout with Mom (ATWM) was born out of my love for storytelling. I wanted to hear about experiences from mom to mom. Not told to us by others but told by us for each other.

I strongly believe that sharing stories is the foundation of making much of this world a better place. It opens us up, invites others in, creates connection, a shared sense of belonging, and a head nod that you’re not alone on this wild ride.

Sharing stories builds the best communities. The strongest communities. 

I wanted a place where everyone could contribute. Not a writer? No problem. We’ll interview you and help you craft your story. Love to write but never had a place to put your thoughts? Share it here and we’ll pass it along to all our readers.

On top of hearing from each other, it’s time we take care of ourselves.

This year, in addition to our stories, ATWM will also focus on our mental health and well-being. We’ll be adding professional services and content, and additional ways to connect with each other. We’re looking forward to creating a safe space that truly is a holistic support community for moms like you.

Reach out to me directly with any questions about ATWM, sharing stories, or if you’re curious about all this mental health talk.

And thanks for stopping by – I hope you’ll stick around.