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Author: Dani

Unpacking Trauma

FavoriteBy Savannah Rucker, LPC  We hear the word trauma thrown around a lot – especially after the last several years. But what is trauma? What does it look like in our everyday lives? And how can we begin to heal? As parents, the last several

Mom Life and Burnout? A Lightbulb Moment

FavoriteBy Rebekah Edholm Last year, in the midst of a pandemic, we moved from overseas back to the U.S. Looking back, I can see that this was the starting point to what I now recognize as burnout. Let me start by explaining our situation. My

Lauren and Me: Raising a Daughter with Disabilities

FavoriteBy Kathleen Walters I was so excited to be pregnant. My husband and I had been married four years, just enough time to be “prepared” for a first child. With a degree in Child Development and years of teaching preschoolers, I had every confidence that

Raising a Child with Autism as a Single Working Mother

FavoriteBy Megan Warren   The Struggle Those first moments were so beautiful – the relief of birth, the feeling of my child, part of my deepest heart placed wetly on my chest, swollen with the wonder and disbelief of the miracle I created. Reality crashed

Breaking the Silence About Abuse

FavoriteBy Alisa Gonzalez When the “Me Too” movement started, I was brought to tears at the bravery of these women speaking publicly and loudly to their abusers, saying that enough was finally enough. This has created a new world, one where we can raise our

A 20-Year-Old Mom

FavoriteBy Alisa Gonzalez It was June 4, 2001, I was 20 years old, and I had been a mother for three months. I remember so much more clearly than most because up until that day, I had felt I had already been so many things:

It’s OK to be Sad and Tired

FavoriteBy Alisa Gonzalez The immediate moments after having a baby are some of the most blissful minutes. Then those quickly turn to days, that turn to weeks, that turn to months, and in perfect succession, your life and routine begins to happen all around you.

My Pureed Identity

FavoriteBy Lisa Talbot A warm, salty tear dropped from my eye to the crescent of my upper lip. I was going today. I glanced at the clock, it was 5:34 PM, and I had less than 90 minutes until bedtime. My eyes darted to the