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Author: Dani

Mom Guilt: What, Why, and How to Manage

Favorite By Aga Grabowski As moms, this feeling of guilt runs through our blood the moment we bring our baby home from the hospital (and as women, this can start when we’re trying to conceive, we’ll save that important conversation for the next article). When

What Can We Learn from Elite Performers?

Favorite By Alex Auerbach, Ph.D. Mothers arguably have one of the most grueling, high-stress jobs on the planet; a job with a lot of expectations, judgment, and onlooker opinion and absolutely no manual. The role of a mother requires the skill to pivot quickly, make

Unpacking Trauma

Favorite By Savannah Rucker, LPC  We hear the word trauma thrown around a lot – especially after the last several years. But what is trauma? What does it look like in our everyday lives? And how can we begin to heal? As parents, the last

Mom Life and Burnout? A Lightbulb Moment

Favorite By Rebekah Edholm Last year, in the midst of a pandemic, we moved from overseas back to the U.S. Looking back, I can see that this was the starting point to what I now recognize as burnout. Let me start by explaining our situation.

Lauren and Me: Raising a Daughter with Disabilities

Favorite By Kathleen Walters I was so excited to be pregnant. My husband and I had been married four years, just enough time to be “prepared” for a first child. With a degree in Child Development and years of teaching preschoolers, I had every confidence

Breaking the Silence About Abuse

Favorite By Alisa Gonzalez When the “Me Too” movement started, I was brought to tears at the bravery of these women speaking publicly and loudly to their abusers, saying that enough was finally enough. This has created a new world, one where we can raise