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Category: Change

Starting Over One Mile at a Time

Favorite I was out for a run the other day, and as my phone alerted me that I had hit one mile, my feet slammed to a halt. I’ve been making this same loop for a few weeks now, and I’m not finding it any easier.  One morning, as I

Stepping Into Abundance

Favorite She was unhappy. Unhappy with her body. She wanted to lose the 30 pounds she had gained over the years of birthing three kids. She was tired. She had so much more energy before. Now, there was so much more to juggle and keep track of that it was

A Different Perspective

Favorite   Becoming a mom changes you. I think that goes without saying, in theory, but once you’re in it you realize just how much your new perspective is drastically different. You look at everyone and everything through a new lens. Before having kids, you spend your life consumed with