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Loss, Grief, and a Path to Healing

Favorite In the article Bereavement in Adult Life, the author Colin Parkes writes, “After a major loss, such as the death of a spouse or child, up to a third of the people most directly affected will suffer detrimental effects on their physical or mental health, or both.”   Grief.  

What is the Motherhood Penalty?

Favorite Wait there’s actually a name for it??? That’s right, and there’s also a lot of research backing up the experiences of mothers facing bias in the workplace. Mothers encounter disadvantages in pay, perceived competence, and benefits relative to childless women. Strong stereotypes that women are supposed to be at

7 Ways To Transform Your Career by Developing Emotional Intelligence

Favorite Moms who work outside of the home, this one is especially for you! Likely you’ve helped your little one(s) begin to develop their emotional intelligence at home. Read on for 7 tips to apply emotional intelligence to your career success as well. As more studies show emotional intelligence (E.I.) improves employee

Interview: How to Get Off of the Stress-Fatigue-Burnout Wheel

Favorite Ariel Hoffman of Ariel Hoffman Total Body Wellness is a mother, wellness coach, master fitness trainer, and entrepreneur, and she’s here to drop some knowledge on us about how to break free from the horrible cycle of stress-fatigue-burnout. What is it? What does it look like? And how can we

To Be, or Not to Be, a Super Mom

Favorite Should we call women “Super Mom”?  Is that title fair?  Is it putting undue pressure on women?  Is being a super mom even possible, or is it a myth? We’re at the point in the story that the superhero feels defeated, is tired, and overwhelmed; she wants to give

Interview: A Mom on a Health Mission

Favorite Rachel Johnson is one of our mom and expert members, mom of two kids, a lawyer, and CEO and Founder of ah*mi, a health and wellness company for sustainable living. We love when we can talk to moms who just get it. Who understand the demands of our daily

Interview: The Pelvic Floor & Its Connection to Our Emotional Health

Favorite Childbirth can be one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. It’s truly transformative in ways we could never imagine. It can also be anxiety-ridden, traumatic, and lonely. Understanding our bodies is so important. We sat down with Tara Morrison, doctor of physical therapy, women’s health coach, and