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Category: Sadness

College Drop-off and the Value of Perspective in New Beginnings

Favorite (Interview) I think the thing, and I’m probably going to cry, I think the thing I’ve learned is that the letting go part really is also about the coming back to. So that feeling of being in limbo right now, finding the new normal, it doesn’t happen all of

You’re Not Supposed to Outlive Your Kids

Favorite (Interview) You’re not supposed to outlive your kids. He’ll always be 17. It’s really weird. And I still feel shock. Almost five years later and I wake up and I still can’t believe he’s gone. It doesn’t feel real for a long time after I wake up each day

It’s OK to be Sad and Tired

FavoriteBy Alisa Gonzalez The immediate moments after having a baby are some of the most blissful minutes. Then those quickly turn to days, that turn to weeks, that turn to months, and in perfect succession, your life and routine begins to happen all around you. Once your little bundle of