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Category: Single Parent

Lauren and Me: Raising a Daughter with Disabilities

Favorite By Kathleen Walters I was so excited to be pregnant. My husband and I had been married four years, just enough time to be “prepared” for a first child. With a degree in Child Development and years of teaching preschoolers, I had every confidence that raising a child would

Raising a Child with Autism as a Single Working Mother

Favorite By Megan Warren   The Struggle Those first moments were so beautiful – the relief of birth, the feeling of my child, part of my deepest heart placed wetly on my chest, swollen with the wonder and disbelief of the miracle I created. Reality crashed in pretty quickly and

You Did It Right

Favorite By Anonymous As a single woman and mom in my late 30s, I often find myself at social events, talking about my life. It’s not surprising that the conversations become personal at some point; talking and sharing with others who are in their 30s and 40s, who want to