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Coping with Stress – An Older Mom’s Perspective

By Anonymous Stories

As a mother of two grown-up children, I look back and realize how stressed I was when my kids were growing up. To the young mothers out there, I would like to tell you to enjoy the journey as kids grow up so fast, and soon you become an empty nester. It is important to teach children good values when they are young; they then carry it forward later in life.

I am also a believer in not losing your own identity. Cultivate your hobbies and have some time for yourself. It will result in everyone being happy. And later on in life, when your kids move out, you will not feel so lost.

It is only much later in my life that I realized the importance of having my “own” time; I was so focused on everyone else earlier that I neglected my own health. It is important to take time out for exercise.

I find that meditation, prayer time, chanting, and yoga are wonderful ways to uplift yourself. It could start initially with just a few minutes a day, but it energizes you to become creative and enthusiastic throughout the day. I sometimes wish I had known of these techniques earlier as it would have beaten so much stress.

Life is wonderful and beautiful and needs to be lived with happiness and joy.

Love – Give – Serve – Enjoy

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