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Bernadette Aguirre

Herbalist and Owner of INA Botanicals & Tea
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About Bernadette

I'm an herbalist and owner of INA Botanicals & Tea, providing loose leaf herbal blends to support your growth and wellness. Plants are our allies when it comes to holistic health. I provide customized herbal blends and teas based on the support you're looking for. There are blends that generally can be supportive for you, but I'd work to optimize a mix of herbs based on your individual, physical make up. I provide loose leaf herbal blends or tinctures. How we'd work together: - I'll send you a survey of questions that we can chat about virtually or via email - I'll write out a plan of the herbs to consider taking - Once you give your ok, I'll work on the custom blend. Loose leaf teas take about 5-7 business days to receive blend and tinctures take about 4-6 weeks. Custom blend or tincture: $50.00 Size Loose leaf blend: 45 servings Tincture: 2 oz about 20-30 servings


San Francisco