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As the Founder and CEO of Harbor Light Coaching LLC, I’m committed to providing transformational coaching to clients around the world. I focus on helping clients find peace after a loss, divorce or illness. Together, we’ll address your mindset, overcome the hurdles of grief, and complete what’s unfinished so that you’re empowered throughout your grief journey. I’m a life-long student and was studying psychology before turning my attention to coaching after seeing how quickly people were able to improve their lives through the process. I am a proud graduate of Accomplishment Coaching, the World’s Finest Coach Training Program, as well as the Grief Recovery Institute, an innovative program in the world of grief. I hold the Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and earned a Master of Science degree in Communication from Walden University. Most recently, I became a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach and a Certified Grief Educator. I’m based in New York City with my husband, young daughter, and sweet dog. Coaching is my passion as well as my profession, and I would do it all day, if I could. Fortunately, I have other responsibilities and joys in life, including taking care of my young daughter, traveling the world with my family, hiking, boxing, yoga and self-development.


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