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Jacqueline Hernandez A

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About Jacqueline

My work has ranged from treating children, adolescents, adults and couples. Areas of expertise include mood disorders, anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders, relational problems, disorders usually diagnosed during childhood, and difficulty with transitions between stages of life. I use a Cognitive Behavioral approach to focus on ineffective, unhealthy thoughts, negative feelings and behaviors and to identify negative patterns. I address problems being experienced in relationships, home, work or school. I offer ideas and share reflections but do not dictate. I will challenge current perceptions and attempt to broaden the client's perspective. I have 3 Masters Degrees of Special Education; Learning Disabiities, Behavioral Disorders and Autism. This allows me to comprehend and interweave clinical needs in the academic setting. I have created IEP's and consulted in Staffings. I have helped parents succeed where they previously met with challenges and resistance.

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Jacqueline Hernandez A

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Jacqueline Hernandez A


Montreal, Canada